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Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Review

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Review

  This is a review of one of my favorite fighting games. This is a 2D based anime fighting games created by ArcSystemWorks.  

  Moreover, this is a crossover game where characters from different games reunite into one epic anime fighting games from Blazblue Central Fiction, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Under Night In Birth Exe:Late [st] and Rooster Teeth animated films, RWBY.







  This gameplay is starting off in a 2-on-2 tag team match mechanic gameplay similar to games like Tekken Tag Tournament 1 & 2, Street Fighter X Tekken and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. In this match, the team who depletes the opposing team’s health to 0 wins the game. Unlike many tag teams games, this game also include new gameplay mechanics as a simplification to ArcSystemWorks’s complexity. 

  The game’s mechanics is very straightforward, as it is a five-button control inputs. The A,B,C,D and P. Auto combos are added in this game to make the game slightly easier. “A” and “B” are normal attack inputs. However, their inputs are depending on the character. While the “C” button is the Clash attack, which allows your point character and your partner to do extra damage. On the other hand, “B+C” allows your character to do a throw or a back throw. While ‘A+D” allows you to do a Reversal Action, which prevents your opponent from using their Burst. The “D+P” allows u to tag out with your partner when hit or block.

  No worries if you’re overwhelmed by these mechanics. You can learn more about the Blazblue Cross Tag Battle mechanics in the Tactics Mode. In Tactics Mode, you will also learn more about the character specifics of the game that includes DLC characters.

  You can check out more about Blazblue Cross Tag Battle tutorial by clicking this video.


  To further making this game more of a real crossover game, there’s also 4 episodes story plots that narrates 4 protagonists that was called “Episode Mode”. One of the episodes such as Blazblue Episode, Persona Episode, Under Night Episode and RWBY Episode where Ragna the Bloodedge(Blazblue), Yu Narukami(Persona 4), Hyde Kido(Under Night) and Ruby Rose(RWBY) must protect the keystones in order to return to their original worlds.

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