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New Operators, New Operation

  With Rainbow Six Siege new operation came release in 3rd of December 2019, Team Rainbow now has welcome 2 new operators that will overturn the entire course of the game such as Kali (Attacker) and Wamai (Defender). As for newcomers whose has no experience in playing this game, here are my recommendations on which attacker operators that I recommend for beginners.

5: Hibana

Hibana, a 3 speed and 1 armor is one of the operators that was used the most in Rainbow Six Pro Leagues due to her phenomenal primary  and secondary loadouts along with her gadget. Her gadget is a X-Kairos Grenade Launcher which allows her to shoot 6 pellets in 1 shot and detonate them, destroying floors, walls and barricades. Including reinforced walls and floors. Moreover, destroying a hole from a reinforced walls, floors and roofs will also forced the Defenders to be extra caution as Attackers are able to peek kills easily.

In terms of her loadout, players have a primary choices of a Supernova, a pump action shotgun. Or a 21 bullet mag Type-89 Assault Rifle. In my opinion, I would recommend the Type-89 Assault Rifle as your Primary due to its damage output. However, the mag has less ammo which u need to be conservative in strategic gameplay. But as for those whose brave in close range, go for the Supernova shotgun!

Finally, players have the secondary option loadout of a P229 semi-auto pistol or a Bearing-9 submachine gun. Personally, I would recommend the Bearing-9 as this weapon was deadly in close range CQC (Close Quarter Combat) and was mostly picked my many pro Hibana players in Rainbow Six Siege pro tournaments. Although the P229 handgun was not used too often. the handgun was useful for long range especially when u are equipped with the Supernova shotgun, which only excels in close range quarters.

4: Fuze

Fuze, a 1 Speed and 3 Armor is also one of my recommendations attacking operators for those who’re new to Rainbow Six Siege. He has a gadget called a Cluster Charge, which enable him to drop a massive amount of grenades, detonating anyone that is closed to the walls, barricades and floors. If you’re playing in a lower levels maps such as Oregon and House, you can easily get free kills thanks to his cluster charge. However, be careful when you’re using his cluster charge in game modes such as Hostage game. Especially the cluster charge can kill the hostage, causing you and the team the round.

As for his Primaries, he has the option of a Ballistic Shield, a 6P41 Light Machine Gun and a Ak-12 Assault Rifle. In my opinion, both loadouts are solid. But if you’re playing as a Shield, you need to have good communication in terms of offence game.

For his secondary loadouts, players have a choice of a PMM pistol or a GSH-18 pistol. In my opinion, the PMM has high damage output but less ammo. If you are concern on ammo, go ahead and choose the GSH-18, as it has more ammo but less damage. Which allows u to deal with multiple enemies.

3: Ash

 Ash is a 3 Speed and 1 Armor and is also recommended for players for beginners in Rainbow Six Siege. Her gadget is a Breaching Launcher which allows her to breach walls and floors safely from a long distance. In addition to her gadget, she has a primary loadout option of a G36C Assault Rifle or a R4-C Assault Rifle. In my opinion, both weapons are solid and well recommended.

Moreover, she has a secondary option handgun of M45 MEUSOC handgun or the 5.7 USG handgun. The difference between both weapons are the M45 has more firepower than the 5.7 USG. However, in terms of ammo capacity. the 5.7 USG has more ammo compare to the M45 to compensate the low damage output.

2: Thermite

Thermite is a 2 Speed and 2 Armor operator and is considered as the top-tier character that was used most often in Pro Leagues tournaments and was best described as “Easy to Play, but Hard to Master.” His gadget was an Exothermic Charge which allows him to breach through walls and floors, including reinforced walls and floors.

In terms of his primary loadout, he has the option to choose a 556 XI Assault Rifle or a M1014 auto shotgun. Personally, both loadouts are easy to use. His M1014 shotgun was fast and super effective in close range quarters. While his 556XI Assault Rifle looks hard to use but has high recoil and good range.

Like Operator Ash, Thermite has the secondary options of a M45 MEUSOC handgun or a 5.7 USG handgun due to him and Ash being FBI SWAT Police Force.

1: Sledge

Of all of the operators in the game, Sledge is by far the most easiest to play attacking operators in Rainbow Six Siege thanks to his gadget and his loadouts. He is a 2 speed and 2 Armor operator and his gadget was a Breaching Hammer which allows him to break non-surface walls and floors easily.

In terms of his primary loadout, he has the option of a 591A1 pump shotgun or a L85A2 Assault Rifle. In terms of his loadout, I would recommend his L85A2 Assault Rifle as your primary weapon as this weapon excels in mid and long range fire.

Finally, he has a secondary loadout option of a P226 MK25 handgun or a SMG-11 machine pistol. In my opinion, both weapons are very solid. But I would recommend the P226 MK25 as your handgun instead of the SMG-11. The positive thing is that the SMG-11 was deadly in close range but hard to control it’s line of sight due to its drawback.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of Tomb Raider Review

This is another review of one of my favorite shooting games in PS4. It was also the 3rd Tomb Raider, featuring main protagonist of the game, Lara Croft. Where she journeys around the globe not only to uncover her father’s exhibition. But to also find “Trinity”, a mercenary group believing that “Trinity” was responsible for her father’s death.

In this gameplay, players will not only be experiencing an epic 3rd person shooting game. But will also be tackling on some new challenging puzzles that require beginners to crack their head. Due to the positives from the last game prodigy Rise of the Tomb Raider, this game now includes harder puzzles games depending on the difficulty. Moreover, the game’s Krypt and the Challenging Tombs now includes more traps that required players to be precise and awareness. Another new feature was added in this game was called shops which allow players to buy new items such as weapons and supplies, which was the key in allowing Lara to have an upper-hand in survival and combat instincts. New supplies is crucial, allowing players to develop Lara’s firearms. 

  You can learn more about shop by clicking here.



Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Review

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Review

  This is a review of one of my favorite fighting games. This is a 2D based anime fighting games created by ArcSystemWorks.  

  Moreover, this is a crossover game where characters from different games reunite into one epic anime fighting games from Blazblue Central Fiction, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Under Night In Birth Exe:Late [st] and Rooster Teeth animated films, RWBY.







  This gameplay is starting off in a 2-on-2 tag team match mechanic gameplay similar to games like Tekken Tag Tournament 1 & 2, Street Fighter X Tekken and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. In this match, the team who depletes the opposing team’s health to 0 wins the game. Unlike many tag teams games, this game also include new gameplay mechanics as a simplification to ArcSystemWorks’s complexity. 

  The game’s mechanics is very straightforward, as it is a five-button control inputs. The A,B,C,D and P. Auto combos are added in this game to make the game slightly easier. “A” and “B” are normal attack inputs. However, their inputs are depending on the character. While the “C” button is the Clash attack, which allows your point character and your partner to do extra damage. On the other hand, “B+C” allows your character to do a throw or a back throw. While ‘A+D” allows you to do a Reversal Action, which prevents your opponent from using their Burst. The “D+P” allows u to tag out with your partner when hit or block.

  No worries if you’re overwhelmed by these mechanics. You can learn more about the Blazblue Cross Tag Battle mechanics in the Tactics Mode. In Tactics Mode, you will also learn more about the character specifics of the game that includes DLC characters.

  You can check out more about Blazblue Cross Tag Battle tutorial by clicking this video.


  To further making this game more of a real crossover game, there’s also 4 episodes story plots that narrates 4 protagonists that was called “Episode Mode”. One of the episodes such as Blazblue Episode, Persona Episode, Under Night Episode and RWBY Episode where Ragna the Bloodedge(Blazblue), Yu Narukami(Persona 4), Hyde Kido(Under Night) and Ruby Rose(RWBY) must protect the keystones in order to return to their original worlds.

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